E-Communications Disclosure



    This Consent Form pertains to the delivery of Communications related to your indi account provided by numo LLC ("numo") and issued by PNC Bank, National Association ("PNC").

    Certain laws and regulations require numo and PNC to deliver specific information to you "in writing", which means delivery of the information on paper. With the passage of the E-Sign Act, and similar state statutes, we may provide such information to you electronically if we present you certain disclosures (as contained in this notice) and you agree (consent) to receive the information electronically. Your consent will also apply to any other person named on your account.

    You have or may have the option to receive receipts, account disclosures; electronic payment disclosures, including single payment or recurring payment authorization; payment program disclosures; Privacy Policy disclosures, if applicable; and any amendment and/or other disclosures related thereto (collectively called "Communications") electronically rather than on paper. So that we may fulfill this request, you agree that we may electronically provide to you disclosures and information related to your account, and you must have the ability to print or download the information. By consenting to receive information electronically, you will not receive the information in paper form, except when Communications are provided in paper form or as otherwise noted below.

    Please read the following important information about electronic Communications before you decide to receive them electronically:


    1. By submitting this consent form, you may receive Communications relating to your indi account. Communications include receipts, disclosures, notices, agreements, fee schedules, statements, records, documents or other information that we are required or that we desire to deliver to you. Examples may include, but are not limited to, the following:

      1. Receipts, account agreements, pre-acquisition disclosures, fee schedules, and other account disclosures.
      2. Payment disclosures, including single payment or recurring payment authorization, and, if applicable, payment program disclosures.
      3. Account and activity statements.
      4. Privacy notices.
      5. Disclosures and notices that may be required by various laws and regulations such as the Electronic Fund Transfer Act, the Gramm Leach Bliley Act, or other applicable federal or state laws and regulations.
      6. Other information related to your account, including account servicing letters, notices and forms.

    2. The above shall collectively be referred to as "Communications" that we may send to you electronically. All Communications from us delivered to you in electronic format will be considered "in writing." You should print or download, for your records, a copy of this document and any other Communications that are important to you. We may always, in our sole discretion or if required by law, provide you with any Communications in paper form, even if you have chosen to receive it electronically. Communications shall be sent to the primary address we show for you in our records.


    You may withdraw this consent at any time after submission by emailing support@goindi.com, calling 833-285-1736 (voice), or calling 866-317-9343 (TTY).

    If you withdraw your consent to obtain electronic Communications, your account may be closed. If you request a copy of a previous Communication, we may charge you a reasonable service charge for the delivery of paper copies of any Communication provided to you electronically.


    It is your responsibility to provide us with a true, accurate and complete email address, contact information and any other information needed to contact you electronically. To update your electronic address, use the indi mobile application, email support@goindi.com, call 833-285-1736 (voice), or call 866-317-9343 (TTY). You agree to promptly notify us when you change your email or other electronic address. At our option, we may treat your provision of an invalid email address, or the subsequent malfunction of a previously valid email address, as a withdrawal of your consent to receive electronic Communications.


    To receive the requested Communications electronically, you will need the following:

    1. An active email address and Internet connection, along with a web-enabled device with an operating system capable of supporting items 2 and 3.
    2. A current version of an Internet browser which is currently being supported by its publisher and which we support. Current versions of Internet browsers which we support include Microsoft Edge (Windows 10 only), Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome.
    3. Access to a printer or the ability to download information to keep copies for your records. You will also need a version of a program that accurately reads and displays PDF files. We currently support Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    If we change hardware or software requirements, we will post the current hardware and software requirements within updated versions of this agreement, available via the indi mobile application or at https://goindi.com/.

    By providing your consent to this agreement, you give your affirmative consent to numo and PNC to provide electronic Communications to you, as described above. You further affirm and confirm that you have the hardware and software described above, that you are able to receive and review electronic records, and that you have provided, or will provide to us, a current, valid email address to which we may deliver electronic Communications. By obtaining electronic delivery of Communications, you confirm that you are authorized to, and do, consent on behalf of all the other account owners, authorized signers, authorized representatives and/or delegates identified with your indi account.