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3 Things Workers are Looking for on a Gig Platform

The gig economy continues to grow and isn’t stopping any time soon. The type of jobs for gig work can include anything from side-hustles to freelance projects and contracts based on their professional skills. There are many benefits to working in the gig economy like flexibility and keeping work interesting, so we can see the appeal.

As gig opportunities grow, so do the places that they’re found. Finding gig work is mainly done over the internet, but not all gig platforms are built the same. We broke down the 3 essential things that gig workers are looking for on a platform.

1. Simple + Surprise-Free

Make it easy on users! Many gig platforms have some similarities as far as usability. Mobile apps are essential for people on the go. One thing users enjoy is when it’s as straightforward as possible to start working. Many platforms will gate their platform features, which users can find frustrating to commit to or set up. Having exact payout information for gigs is also a major plus to workers. 

An example of gig platforms with simple user interfaces: 

TaskRabbit – This platform connects people who need help with odd jobs and errands. Workers on this app have a simple registration process without additional subscription fees.

2. Community + Networking

A feature that users appreciate is putting everything in one place as far as forums, networking, and collaborating. Babysitting, dog walking, and contracted home repair are all great examples of gig work that could require references and reviews or referrals. It’s helpful to users and employers when that’s been integrated into a community that lives on the platform. This is true for platforms that focus on large-scale contracts and partnerships as well.

An example of gig platforms with great communities: 

Fiverr – on top of being one of the most popular platforms for freelancers, it has many educational resources.

3. Rewards + Bonuses

The beauty of gig work can be the perks. Users enjoy having the freedom of immediate income at their fingertips. Bonuses and rewards from a given platform sweeten the deal. The more you incentivize or gamify a process, the more participation you can expect. Many platforms offer a starting bonus as an initial selling point to join.

An example of gig platforms providing bonuses: 

Uber – One of the most popular sources for ride-sharing gigs, Uber also offers a new driver sign up bonus system and referrals.

What Can Workers Do After Completing a Gig

indi provides gig workers and independent contractors instant payments for today and financial wellness tools for the future.1

When gig workers finish a job with an indi partner that offers instant payments, they can get paid faster and bank smarter. Workers can use financial wellness tools in the indi mobile banking app like personalized Tax Savings Goal.

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  1. Payments made via indi’s instant payment platform to an indi debit card are received immediately upon transfer. Payments to non-indi accounts may take up to 30 minutes and may be subject to third-party fees.

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