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4 Reasons to Set Up Direct Deposit Today

Getting paid for work you’ve completed is the best feeling. There’s nothing like seeing that money in your account knowing you can pay bills and make purchases. Direct deposit is a way to get paid for your work at the same time every week (or whatever schedule your employer offers) and eliminate the stress that comes with getting paid via paper checks. Here are the four top benefits to getting paid from direct deposit.


Nothing is more frustrating than checking the mailbox every day to see if your paycheck has arrived. You have bills to pay and purchases to make, so it’s hard to plan around the post office’s schedule. When you get your paycheck via direct deposit, you know exactly when you’ll get your money. Not only that, but you don’t have to spend time going to the bank, waiting in line, and dealing with any issues that may arrive. Another bonus: With direct deposit there’s no risk of losing the payment unlike a paper check. No more hunting through that big pile of mail on your counter looking for your check.  

More secure

Checks get lost in the mail all the time. This in turn causes you stress because you don’t have your money when you need it, and it also can cause your employer stress because their account information is out in the world somewhere. With direct deposit, you and your employer can rest easy that both of your financial data is better protected.

Early access to your payment

When you set up direct deposit to your indi® account, you can get your paycheck up to 2 days early. We offer Early Pay, which means that as soon as we receive payment information from your employers, we start the process of depositing your pay to your account.1 You don’t have to do anything to get this feature! It’s just another perk of being an indi cardholder.

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Greater control over your budget and finances

Since direct deposit allows you to know when your payment will post to your account, you can set up auto-pay on bills and utilities. Paying bills on time establishes good habits and contributes to your overall financial health. Did you know that a late payment can stay on your credit report for a whopping 7.5 years? Avoid the stress altogether by scheduling payments based on your direct deposit date.

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1. Early Pay is made available to you based on the instructions received from the payor of the direct deposit you are receiving. We may limit availability of Early Pay, in our discretion, pursuant to deposit limits on your account and/or fraud and risk criteria. Direct deposits not eligible for Early Pay will be made available pursuant to our standard funds availability schedule. If funds from a direct deposit you receive via Early Pay are rejected, returned, or otherwise uncollectible by us, you are responsible for any such funds to the extent they are withdrawn by you. We may cancel your access to the Early Pay feature or may end the Early Pay feature entirely at any time, at our sole discretion.