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How to Attract Gig Workers with Instant Payments

As we’ve discussed before, instant payments are critical to retaining a gig workforce. When 85% of gig workers say they would work more often if they were paid faster, offering instant payments seems like the logical answer.1 But how do you attract gig workers with instant payments? How do you use an instant payment offering to stand out among the competition? Here are three ways to use instant payments to attract the top talent.

1. Make instant payment synonymous with your brand

When gig workers are considering the platform they want to use to look for work, ensure your instant payment offering cannot be ignored. If workers can receive instant payments when they complete jobs on your platform, that information should be prominently displayed on your website, on every job listing, and in your app. Make the information clear and concise, so gig workers know exactly what they need to do to get paid instantly on their jobs.

The goal is for gig workers to associate your platform with the promise of getting paid faster. If you post your jobs on other gig marketplaces, work instant payment into the job title so it’s one of the first things gig workers see when scrolling through available jobs.

2. Gather and promote user testimonials

When you want a restaurant recommendation or a referral for a reputable plumber, who do you ask first? In the same way you might ask a friend for a recommendation, the same is true for gig workers looking for more information on the benefits of instant payments or to ensure that the promise of getting paid instantly isn’t too good to be true.

Conduct user interviews with early adopters and use those quotes for marketing materials, social media posts, and even blog content. A vote of confidence from a peer can go far with potential candidates deciding to work on your gig platform vs. a competitor.

3. Partner with an instant payments issuer that makes the process easy from start to finish

Implementing instant payments needs to be easy for both you and your workforce. indi handles the heavy lifting, so you can stay focused on your workforce. Our API suite is adaptable to your needs and implementation requires minimal engineering resources.

Once implemented, we’ll provide you with tools to market instant payments to your workforce and ensure it’s easy for your workers to apply for an indi debit card. We’ll support them on the other side with custom-built tools to support their unique gig worker lifestyle.

The easier it is for your business to issue payments and for your workforce to get paid, the more you can focus on building your business and reaching revenue goals. Ready to get started? Get in touch with us today for your personalized demo.  

1., Pay Advances Playbook, Study Aug 2019 Banking services for indi are provided by PNC Bank, N.A.  Member FDIC.