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how to track miles

How to track miles for taxes

If you wait until tax time to figure out your business mileage, it’s going to be nearly impossible to figure out what your business mileage was. That’s why you should track it all year long. Here are some of our favorite ways to track your business mileage.

What you need to know about instant payments on gig platforms

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When a platform advertises instant payments, that can be pretty exciting! However, “instant” doesn’t always mean instant. Here’s what you need to know about instant payments, and what to check before you rely on them to pay your bills.

Top 3 Benefits of Instant Payments

Implementing an instant payments solution on your gig platform may sound like a big and expensive undertaking, but it does not have to be. Actually, there are serious financial advantages to doing so. Here are the top three reasons to start offering instant payments to your gig workforce.

4 Reasons to Set Up Direct Deposit Today

Direct deposit is a way to get paid for your work at the same time every week and eliminate the stress that comes with getting paid via paper checks. Here are 4 reasons why you should set up direct deposit today.

What is a Digital Debit Card?

As an indi user you not only get a sleek physical debit card for your wallet but also a digital debit card that can be accessed at any time in the indi mobile banking app. So, what exactly is a digital debit card and how should you use it?