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gift for gig workers

2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Gig Drivers

Whether you want to treat yourself or you want your mom to stop texting you every day asking what’s on your holiday wish list, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our top picks for gifts for gig drivers this holiday season.  

how to diversify income

How to diversify your income

Even if you’re already a self-employed individual who freelances or works gigs full time, it’s still important to diversify your income.  

how to track miles

How to track miles for taxes

If you wait until tax time to figure out your business mileage, it’s going to be nearly impossible to figure out what your business mileage was. That’s why you should track it all year long. Here are some of our favorite ways to track your business mileage.

independent contractor

How to become an independent contractor

There’s a difference between working at a job where you’re an employee or working for yourself. If you want to work for yourself instead of someone else, you’ll likely be an independent contractor instead of an employee.