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5 unique side hustle ideas to pick up this fall

As temperatures drop, the scent of pumpkin spice begins wafting from coffee shops everywhere. Besides pumpkin spice everything, fall’s arrival brings unique opportunities to gig workers looking for new side hustle ideas. Maybe you’re thinking about how to boost your gift-buying budget for the coming holiday season, saving for an upcoming tuition bill, or simply trying to pay down debt.  

No matter your financial goals as a gig worker, fall is a great time to pick up a side gig or two to meet them. Not sure where to start? Here are a few of our favorite side hustles for the fall. 

Yard cleanup 

Fall means that leaves are, well, falling. But besides raking and bagging leaves, fall is when homeowners need to get their yard in shape for the winter. Pulling weeds before they go to seed, spreading mulch, and dividing and transplanting perennials are just a few of the chores that need to be done outdoors. This side hustle is perfect for gig workers with a green thumb who love to work outside! 

Professional scarer 

Halloween is just around the corner, and haunted houses are popping up everywhere. If you relish a good scare, you might appreciate the chance to dress up and be the scarer for once! Or if you’re not really into doing the scaring, you could also pick up some hours building, designing, and painting haunted houses before the crowds arrive. Haunted houses may also be hiring people to take tickets, work at the snack bar, or help with costumes too! 


Summer brain drain is real, and with kids heading back to school, parents may find that their children need a bit more help in math. If you enjoy working with kids and remember what you learned in your own school days, tutoring could be the perfect opportunity to put your skills to good use. And if you’ve mastered college-level subject matter, you may command even higher earnings by tutoring college students. 

Refereeing youth sports 

Youth sports are up and running, and referees are in high demand. You don’t have to be a professional to pick up a gig working as a referee. In fact, some companies will train you in all you need to know, so you can work on the field or the court confidently even if you’re new to this side hustle. You will mostly work on weekends and evenings, so this is perfect for gig workers supplementing their earnings from a full-time job. 

Organizer extraordinaire 

If you have a gift for creating systems and putting things in their places, your talents are in high demand. Use your magic touch to professionally organize pantries and kitchens, closets, garages, and even craft rooms for clients who struggle with fighting clutter.  

Fall is a busy season for almost everyone, and gig workers can maximize their earning potential by picking up new side hustles for the fall. Once you’ve earned your cash, put it to work for you by managing your money with indi’s gig worker finance tools.