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2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Gig Drivers

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Whether you want to treat yourself or you want your mom to stop texting you every day asking what’s on your holiday wish list, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our top picks for gifts for gig drivers this holiday season.  

Portable mini oven 

You already know that one of our favorite ways to save money is to pack our own food for work. But you can only eat so many cold sandwiches and salads, especially when the temps start to drop. This portable mini oven lets you warm up your meal all from your car’s 12V outlet. Simply put your food in the provided containers, plug it in, and in about an hour you’ll have a hot meal. It can even cook food from frozen.  

Drop Stop car seat gap filler 

When you’re driving, your priority has to be on the road. But what are you supposed to do if you drop your phone or half your sandwich down the side of your seat? That’s what the Drop Stop car seat gap filler is for. It fits in the space between your seat and the console so that nothing can ever fall in that pesky space again. This comes as a set of two so you can install one on the passenger seat as well.  

Gel and memory foam seat cushion 

Driving for hours is hard on your tailbone, hips, back. Treat your seat to some luxury with this gel and memory foam seat cushion. It will provide much needed relief to your derriere and maybe even keep you comfortable enough to pick up another shift or two. Cha-ching!  

Saucemoto dip clip 

What are chicken nuggets without dip? Nothing that’s what. But trying to dip fries or nuggets while also driving is a recipe for disaster (trust us, we know). Saucemoto clips into your air vent so you have a secure place to set your favorite sauce and dip on the go. It comes in a pack of 2 because no one should have to choose between ranch and honey mustard?  

Car vacuum cleaner 

A clean car not only feels great to drive, but it makes your guests feel more comfortable. This handy car vacuum cleaner plugs into your 12V outlet, comes with tons of handy attachments, and can be stored in your trunk in the provided carry bag. It’s lightweight at only 2.4 lbs. and includes a 16 ft. cord so you can reach under every seat of your car.  

Car mount phone holder 

With more than 100,000 ratings, this is one of the most popular car mount phone holders available to buy. It features a universal cradle that fits most smartphones, a one-touch mechanism to hold your phone, a magnetic cord organizer to keep cords neatly stored away, and a telescopic arm that can extend up to 8 inches.  

Cup holder tray 

When you’re between shifts and want to enjoy a bite to eat, create more space with this cup holder tray. The universal compatibility means it will fit in most car cup holders. It features unlimited adjustability with 360-degree swivel capabilities and a jointed arm. It offers a 9” surface plus a phone stand so you can enjoy dinner and a movie from the comfort of your car. Your lap will thank you.  

Plug-in electric blanket 

Winter is coming which means it’s going to get chilly. With riders constantly entering and exiting your car, you may find yourself wishing you had an extra layer of warmth. This plug-in electric blanket is the perfect solution. It plugs into your 12V outlet and offers a steady stream of warmth even when the doors are being frequently opened and closed. It includes a storage case with handles so when you’re not using it, you can throw it in the trunk. 

On-dash camera 

There’s nothing more important than the safety of you and your passengers. This best-selling dashcam attaches to your windshield and is packed full of features. It offers 4K ultra-HD recording, built-in Wi-Fi so you can manage recordings instantly from your smartphone, built-in GPS that records your location and speed, and so much more. With the Rove app you can easily manage and send recordings plus review completed drives.  

Retractable backseat charging station 

If you’re tired of riders asking to borrow your phone charger, then this charging station is for you. It clips onto the headrest and offers three different charging cables: USB-i, USB-C, and Micro USB. These universal offers should fit most smartphones. Each charging port can extend up to 2 feet, so any guest in your car should be able to charge their phone with ease. The unit connects to your USB port with a 59-inch cable.  

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