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5 unique side hustle ideas for the holidays

holiday side hustle ideas

The holidays are nearly upon us, and most of us are bumping up our spending. Whether we’re buying fancy food, traveling, or purchasing gifts, many of our budgets will be stretched over the coming months. If this describes you, picking up a new side hustle for the holiday season can take off some pressure.  

If you’ve already tamed your budget and aren’t planning to splurge over the holidays, a holiday side hustle could still be a good idea. Since there are so many opportunities to pick up gigs over the holiday season, it could be a great way to bump up your savings account or pay down debt.  

Not sure where to start? Our favorite holiday side hustles are listed below. 

Holiday shopping 

Stores are crowded during the holiday season as many people spend time thoughtfully searching for gifts for loved ones or buying food for a special holiday dinner. While some people love shopping, others prefer to have a service shop for them rather than braving a store packed with holiday shoppers. And when cold weather hits, most people would prefer staying cozy at home! 

Instacart allows people to shop for groceries and even gifts from the comfort of their homes. A shopper goes to stores, buys the items, and delivers them. If you don’t mind shopping, signing up with Instacart or other delivery services can boost your bottom line over the holidays. 

Holiday decorating 

The winter landscape in many areas leaves a lot to be desired. The leaves have fallen off the trees, lush gardens have been replaced by empty fields of mulch, and the grass has died. For many, decorating the inside and outside of their homes for the holidays is important, but they may not have the time. 

Landscape companies often hire extra help around the holidays to help put up exterior lights, and interior decorators may need a hand as well. Help people make their homes a little more festive with this holiday side hustle! 

Baby (or pet) sitting 

Everyone wants to get together for the holidays, whether it’s friend groups, work groups, or family groups. It’s a busy time of year for everyone, but parents especially may feel the pull as they try to be in multiple places at once. It can get even harder over holiday breaks when school is out. They need a babysitter, and who would be better than you? Caring for little ones while their parents are out and about is an excellent holiday side hustle, especially if you love kids. 

And if you aren’t great with kids, what about pets? Pet parents have the same struggles. Whether you stay with a pet while its owner is out of town, or just stop by on a busy day to take the dog for a quick walk, pet sitting through apps like Rover can help pad your pocket for the holiday season. 

Hand addressing envelopes 

If you’ve ever been complimented on your handwriting, this could be the side hustle for you. Since many people send greeting cards over the holidays, hand-lettered envelopes can make a greeting card or holiday message pop.  

Offer your services through friends and family or set up a shop on Etsy. You can even keep this side hustle going year-round, offering your addressing service for weddings, parties, and other special occasions. 

Pick up seasonal hours 

The holiday festivities mean more people are shopping, more people are eating out, and more people are gathering at bars to celebrate. That means many businesses are looking for extra help to take care of their influx of customers. 

If you enjoy serving customers, waiting tables usually offers flexible hours and tips — and many patrons feel extra generous during the holidays. You could also work special events, doing catering or serving at venues around your city. Other businesses, such as shopping malls and department stores, may need extra checkers over the holiday season.  


Picking up a side hustle for the holidays can help you manage your holiday budget. And since so many types of work are available, you’re sure to find a good fit for your personality and availability.  

No matter what side hustle you choose, indi’s tools for freelancers and gig workers can help you save for taxes and manage your money like a pro. 

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