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What you need to know about instant payments on gig platforms

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When a platform advertises instant payments, that can be pretty exciting! However, “instant” doesn’t always mean instant. Here’s what you need to know about instant payments, and what to check before you rely on them to pay your bills.

Top 3 Benefits of Instant Payments

Implementing an instant payments solution on your gig platform may sound like a big and expensive undertaking, but it does not have to be. Actually, there are serious financial advantages to doing so. Here are the top three reasons to start offering instant payments to your gig workforce.

How to Attract Gig Workers with Instant Payments

As we’ve discussed before, instant payments are critical to retaining a gig workforce. When 85% of gig workers say they would work more often if they were paid faster, offering instant payments seems like the logical answer.1 But how do you attract gig workers with instant payments? How do you use an instant payment offering to stand out among the competition?

Top 3 Financial Needs for Gig Workers

Gig work offers the promise of flexibility and independence to the 93 million gig workers in the United States, but it often fails to provide these workers with traditional benefits of W-2 jobs like benefits, paid vacation time, retirement plans, and a steady paycheck with tax withholding.