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Pay your workers the indi way.

indi can reduce the cost and complexity of paying your workers, provide new revenue streams, and meet the unique financial needs of your workforce.1 Quickly get up and running with our API-based platform and allow workers to cash out their earnings into their indi account. Workers can easily apply for an account, get a debit card, plan ahead, and reduce their financial stress.2

Get instant payments that work for your business and your workforce.

Pay your workers smarter.

Fee-free payments to your workers.
Pay your workers directly to their indi account through
our API, at no cost to you or them. Customize when you
pay –– daily, weekly, or on-demand.

Reduce costs and boost revenue.
Customized payment and banking options attract and retain workers. Paying directly with indi can reduce your payment processing costs and provide new revenue streams.

Banking designed for independent workers.
indi’s banking tools are designed for the unique banking needs of your 1099 workforce –– no credit check, monthly service fees, or minimum balance. They can categorize expenses, capture receipts, and save for taxes with a personalized Tax Savings Goal.3

Partner with confidence.
indi is supported by PNC Bank, one of the largest
financial institutions in the U.S. Workers can access
nearly 18,000 fee-free ATMs at convenient locations.4

How it works for your business

Refer your workers to indi. Encourage new and existing workers to apply for an indi account and become eligible for instant payments.

Workers work on your platform. As your workers complete jobs, they rack up earnings, and can choose when to cash out earnings – or they can be paid instantly when the job is done. Payment options are flexible based on your business needs.

Push payments via our RESTful API. When it’s time to pay a worker with an indi account, call our API, and funds are transferred instantly into their indi account.

Workers have immediate access to earnings. Payments sent via our API are available instantly in indi accounts, where workers can make purchases, save for taxes, track expenses, and build financial wellness – all in one app.

What your business gets with indi.

Secure and compliant

indi and PNC Bank put data security and fraud protection first, so your company can launch its program with confidence.

Flexible integration

indi offers an API suite with options that are adaptable to your needs. Integration can be quick and simple, requiring minimal engineering resources.


Flexible options for branding, end-user experience, and card type (Visa® and Mastercard® both available).

Quick-to-market solution

Rollout indi’s instant payments quickly. Let indi manage the program with your team.

How indi helped a large gig marketplace pursue their mission and pay workers faster.

A large gig marketplace for independent workers was looking for a partner to play a critical role in furthering its mission. This marketplace platform connects millions of essential workers seeking jobs with companies offering flexible work opportunities. Their mission is to empower workers by providing access to opportunities that maximize daily income potential along with providing benefits, perks and rewards, and financial solutions that support them now and in the future.
Time and time again workers on this platform had the same issue: they needed to be paid faster. Waiting up to two weeks to get paid was not okay. This platform came to indi to solve its users’ most common concern: How could they get paid faster?

Read how indi pays workers faster.

Partner with confidence


All indi accounts and services are FDIC-insured up to the maximum amount permitted by law.

Supported by PNC Bank

With an indi account you can access your money fee-free at nearly 18,000 ATMs as listed on the PNC ATM locator.8

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Reduce your payment costs and boost your revenue. Learn how indi can work for your business and your 1099 workforce today.

This is intended for potential business partners.
For questions about an indi account, visit the Help Center.